Sunday, 18 January 2015

Spicing Up Your Feed Using a Free App and Free Filters

From journalists to bloggers and photographers, a lot have been using the app VSCO. And it's actually spicing up your feed or pictures especially on Instagram.

Bloggers, baesicers and fashionistas are growing in the Philippines, and they don't want only having different poses but also with a nice filter just like Street Etiquette of VSCO. 

But, I tell you, you don't need that kind of filter. Not only Levi's Commuter Presets but there are a lot of filters ( free ) that can beautify your feed. 

I will tell you some tips 
1.) If you want pics like SE3, you can always use HB1 or HB2 and put high contrast on it. Just like Cha Ocampo's.
2.) If you want colorful pictures like Sophie Mos's, why not try the Aesthetic Series? But I tell you, A6 is the best IF your photographs are bright or white. ( it rhymed tho )
3.) You can always experiment with different filters and also try putting high or low contrast, exposure, saturation in it.

Aside from apps and filters, I also want to tell you tips on how to make your feed CLEAN and NICE.
1.) Only use 1 filter.
2.) Don't put like a lot of selfies! But if you really want to, there's no rule but make sure you don't put post it together or else, feed won't be CLEAN anymore.
3.) You can always photograph wonderful things such as the sky. Like putting memories in your feed.
4.) You can always picture things that makes you happy such as an ice cream or any place that you love.

And, that's all. Hope it helped to you reading this.

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